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Welcome to IPS

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At IPS, we are leaning on our core values, commitment, professionalism, teamwork, common sense, personal respect and communication. These values have guided us since our founding in 2012, and we test all our actions against them because they will continue to be our core values for many generations to come.

We draw collectively as a team on almost hundred years of experience. We help our clients navigate through their most urgent and challenging situations. In a crisis, the foremost concerns must be personal health and safety of our families, our employees, and ourselves. Taking care of those who contract the virus and joining the global community in taking sensible steps to slow its spread is of the utmost importance.

What We Do

Serving private and public sector organisations

Once you have addressed the critical efforts to safeguard family and our people, you then turn to the health and safety of the business. Our firm exists to protect our clients’ businesses and help them manage through the most complex of challenges. There is no single formula for doing this, and the COVID-19 threat is unprecedented. Still, there are a few responses that can be applied here which we have developed through decades of helping clients with their greatest challenges.

Throughout the last few decades, the aviation and commercial industry has matured and grown to such an extent that it has evolved into a highly competitive environment, which now operates in a culturally diverse range of markets. The true measure of any company’s success lies in an organisation’s ability to continuously satisfy customers and gain a competitive edge by acknowledging and managing customers of different cultural backgrounds, where increasingly a customer’s culture determines the priorities and meanings. An organisation cannot afford to ignore the customer and their cultural backgrounds, as there is simply too much choice.

“Increased competition is reflected in ways that customers now critically access the quality of service competing firms can provide”

What we do

At IPS , we specialise in providing security and support services to both the aviation sector, the retail and commercial sectors. Whatever sector you operate in, we pride ourselves on tailoring our services to the specific needs of our clients.

Our constant drive is to, not only meet but exceed clients’ expectations through the provision of quality-driven, cost-effective and added value services. Our goal is to enhance the success of our clients and their operations by providing demonstrably superior security services and solutions with the highest degree of integrity and responsiveness.

The threat to Civil Aviation is a global problem affecting countries in all regions. The security concerns transcend international boundaries. IPS will provide safe and secure security solutions tailor-made to suit airlines security programmes.

We provide complete range of security and support services to airlines and airports to safeguard them against security threats. The services delivered are within the framework of U.K/ E.U legislation and in accordance with the national requirement of the particular airline.

Aviation Security:

We have the expertise, the equipment, and the personnel to provide a comprehensive range of services delivering a safe and secure environment for you and your customers. We currently provide services throughout the UK for a number of world leading airlines.

Meet & Greet

We deliver high-quality and customer-focused Meet & Greet services. Our prime priority is passengers’ comfort, safety, and their well-being from the point of onset at Airports, whether you just arrived or exiting as a departing passenger.

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