Presentation to the ERA Safety Group

The European Regional Airlines Association is a trade association representing the interests of a wide range of members from across the European Regional Aviation sector, including airlines, airports, suppliers and manufacturers. The ERA Safety Group meets three times yearly and is attended by safety representatives from ERA member companies, as well as visiting speakers from regulatory bodies and safety organisations. The Group’s aim is to help members improve aviation safety within their organisations by reviewing, sharing information and learning lessons from recent safety events. On 24 April 2018, IPS were invited to present to the ERA Safety Group on the threats posed to aviation by unauthorised drones, also known as RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems).

David at ERAPhoto Credit: Chris Mason; European Regional Airlines association

David Sutcliffe of IPS delivered a comprehensive presentation in which he reviewed the RPAS threat, giving a specific example of recent major disruption at an airport as a result of unauthorised drone activity. He covered the resulting commercial and reputational impact on resident airlines and the airport operator, and gave details of the Skyperion RPAS surveillance and tracking solution offered by IPS in collaboration with their technical partners, METIS.   David went on to describe an operational proving trial of the Skyperion system, to be held at a regional airport in the UK in May. This will be the world’s first full-scale operational proving trial at a commercial airport, and will be attended by a range of influential aviation stakeholders including airlines, airport operators, regulatory bodies and trade associations. Further details are available from

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