Aviation Security

What this service offers

We have the expertise, the equipment, and the personnel to provide a comprehensive range of services delivering a safe and secure environment for you and your customers. We currently provide services throughout the UK for a number of world leading airlines.

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Aircraft Guarding and Security Checks

Our agents are fully vetted and trained to secure the access to the aircraft as per CAA regulations using observation and search techniques. They check identification and search all personnel boarding aircraft when required. They are fully aware of Health and Safety factors in the working environment.

Passenger Profiling and Document Checks

We can assist the airlines at check-in and boarding gates to ensure reconciliation of passengers and documentation.

In addition to the above we can also provide the following.

Aircraft Catering Security

We provide security checks on catering with seal numbers and escort duties. All services are carried out by a team of highly specialised and trained personnel.


We can secure baggage in the baggage build up area; carry out hand baggage search and reconciliation checks. We also provide services for out of gauge (OOG) and front of house to assist the airlines.