Flight Security Services

About Security Services

We provide Security Services to multiple Airlines as a direct contract service provider, and we also offer manpower to other Airlines and Ground Handling companies.

Under the Security provision we deliver the following security functions, however not limited to the roles below.

  • Aircraft Sealing & Guarding
  • Managing Aircraft Access & Regulated Control
  • Ramp Apron Control & Guarding
  • Patrolling Checking & challenging
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Passengers Observing & Profiling
  • Secondary Searches (Pre-Boarding)
  • Documents Checks (Pre-Boarding)
  • Cabin & Hold Security Searches
  • Departure Gate Baggage Support
  • Baggage Screening
  • Baggage Support (OOG)
  • Baggage Support (Baggage Arrival Hall)
  • Baggage Security (Make-up Area)
  • Check-in Support, Self Service Desk Assistance (SSD) & Gate readers (GR)
  • Cargo Escorts
  • ADHOC Security