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Silent Sentinel and SteelRock have partnered to develop ODIN, the world’s most advanced Digital CounterUAV System.

ODIN provides a ready-to-go Counter UAV platform consisting of a Pan / Tilt EO system, comprehensive video tracking capability and a world leading UAV eff ecting systems.

Detection: The Jaegar is ready-made for integration with third party RADAR or RF-based detection systems. The thru-shaft and top mount allow for third party capability to be mounted and remain static leaving the EO and Effector capability free to rotate 360 degrees. The thru-shaft presents a connector with Cat5e and Power that is directly routed to the multi-core bundle on the base of the camera.

Tracking: The ODIN platform off ers a fused tracking capability utilising information from the RADAR track which is paired with a hardware-based video tracking capability to ensure smooth and reliable tracking at all ranges and speeds.

Identification: The Jaegar camera platform at the core of ODIN is highly modular. The standard system ships with a 500mm, 33x, 5MP Daylight combined with a 25-225mm, 11x, 640×480, UnCooled Ti imager.

Denial: The ODIN platform contains the world-leading SteelRock eff ector allowing for the reliable denial of any commercial UAV system on the market. The eff ector allows the user to selectively deny Control, Video or GPS (and any combination) as well as triggering certain behaviour such as ‘freezing’ the drone in place, returning the drone to the controller or forcing the drone to land safely.

The ODIN system can be confi gured and optimised for a broad range of applications and operational theatres with the ability to detect, identify, track and eff ect unauthorised UAVs.


Silent Sentinel Jaegar

  • Single mast solution
  • Virtually zero backlash
  • IP67 environmental protection
  • Absolute positioning feedback for radar control 360° continuous rotation
  • Highly ruggedized for extreme environments Harmonic drive trains 80° per second pan speed (Hipower model)
  • Highly modular – options to upgrade optics if required

VISION4CE Tracking Board

  • Multiple object detection and tracking Capture uva2.PNG
  • Centroid and edge measurement
  • Feature based correlation algorithm
  • Moving object detection
  • Adaptive background removal
  • Automatic coast
  • Grey level invariant algorithms
  • Robust clutter rejection
  • Electronic image stabilisation

SteelRock Effector

  • Ground-breaking fully digital counterUAV technology employing “white noise” technology against its targets
  • “Reactive” system with an “intelligent,” self-learning algorithm
  • A custom-made, multi-band helix and flat panel antenna array
  • Broad-ranging operating capabilities with high-powered signal transmission, enabling superior range and target / threat mitigation
  • Reactive system with power up to 10W
  • Targeted and directional signal capabilities meet class-leading safety parameters, minimising “RF exposure” to operators

For more information on security products please contact Ansar Ali on Ansar.Ali@ipslhr.co.uk