Security Services

IPS and our partners are premier providers of specialist services worldwide. Together we provide a full security service to care for all of our client requirements. We can offer a complete and dedicated package for all their needs and can work with external agencies to national levels.

We provide a high-quality bespoke personal security service for discerning clients.
We use only known and qualified operatives and provide the most appropriate service to meet the requirements of each individual client. Our operatives are drawn from suitably qualified military, police or specialist civilian backgrounds. Our specialist protection teams are made up of operators who are vetted and selected specifically for each role.

Wherever necessary we can draw on the services of existing security operators worldwide to complement and supplement our services. The way in which we are structured enables us to affiliate with and utilise many associate security companies around the world, allowing us to work within regional laws and customs without fear of creating issues that would risk the welfare of our clients.


Close Protection

IPS’s partners are currently supporting the personal protection of visiting foreign Royal families, ex-Prime Ministers, former and exiled heads of state, foreign government ministers, ambassadors and high profile persons considered to be under threat in the UK and overseas


Protection Drivers

Our partner provides specialist security drivers that are highly trained to the National Protection Driver Standard and are unique in delivering the ONLY QCF endorsed training package in the UK to recruits and also to external candidates.

They are highly experienced to Head of State Level & deliver an uncompromising level of service to every client.

All our vehicles are fully equipped for the specialist roles that they undertake. Each of our Security Vehicles carries an array of communication, medical and support equipment. Our client vehicles too are also equipped with bespoke items. Safety on the move – in comfort


Counter Surveillance

Our highly qualified and experienced operatives will employ counter measures that will reduce the risk of surveillance. Our counter surveillance teams can be deployed at short notice and offer a bespoke service unique to your circumstances. We can monitor individuals or organisations so as to identify a potential threat and then advise on a suitable course of action to mitigate that threat.


Surveillance and Investigation

When primary, lawful evidence is required regarding specialist enquiries, including theft and fraud, employment issues, or fraudulent claims, the use of surveillance officers is one of our available resources.

We can lawfully monitor and follow an individual(s) without their knowledge, gathering evidence to prove the commission of the offences or breach of conduct.

Our highly trained experienced surveillance operatives are supported by our wider team and designed to put you in the strongest evidential position.


Event Support

Specialist event or function support offered by our partner is far more than just a bespoke security service. We recommend and seek to involve ourselves actively in the planning and reconnaissance phases of all events. We are able to advise on legal and licensing matters and give guidance on mitigation of all risk areas. We liaise with regulatory and emergency services to produce dedicated and co-ordinated event and incident management plans. We combine this level of provision with co-ordinated executive cars and specialist drivers as well as discreet medical care provision with fully equipped support vehicles if required. The security team for events is always hand selected, highly trained and our service allows for our team to help facilitate the success of any and all events that we are involved in.


Manpower Services

We offer manpower services in various forms:

  • Services: we provide trained security personnel to companies to secure their premises, aircraft and assets according to their requirements or in relation to a security assessment we perform. In addition, we offer and perform customer services to airlines, which include passenger service, porter services, special services and meet and greet.
  • Manpower provision: we source and provide manpower to companies in order to supplement their team. This can be for a peak period of year round support. We also hire staff on behalf of a company on a temporary to permanent basis. We always hire the best staff available and ensure that they have all the required skills that are needed by the customer.
  • Referencing: we provide a comprehensive referencing service to companies who need to perform background checks on the staff they are hiring. Our staff are all very experienced in this process and ensure reliability and accuracy due to the nature of the task.
  • Security Services: Provision of security manpower services, including: guarding, escorting and security assessments and audits.


Limousine Services

We have a fleet of new luxury chauffeur-driven limousines, fitted with Wi-Fi, which includes Mercedes-Benz S Class, Mercedes-Benz E Class, BMW 7 Series, and luxury Mercedes-Benz V Class (8/9-seaters).

Our staff are able to meet and provide a VIP Escort Service at London Heathrow Airport as soon as the client comes off the aircraft by escorting them through the Fast Track Channel, taking them through the formalities of Immigration and to the Baggage Collection Hall.

We can arrange porters upon request prior to the client’s arrival at the Customs Hall, and have their luggage delivered outside to their waiting limousine cars. Once at the car, our customers can relax in comfort with bottled mineral water and a daily newspaper, as part of our standard service. All our drivers are multilingual, professional and courteous and in full smart uniform. They are regularly CRB background checked.

We are also able to provide experienced protection officers to escort or chauffeur our clients whilst in the UK if required.