Security Training

Our training division has developed a series of security training courses to meet National and International security standards. We train staff in-house and also cater to the needs of outside staff and related industries. The Division has highly qualified and experienced trainers approved by the Department / Regulators of UK. The training modules are constantly updated to include new regulations, new laws, current security threats etc. The latest training devices are used to make the training stimulating and to bring the knowledge of the trainees to current level. The training modules are based on the requirements of UK security but could be adapted for other countries as needed.

Some of the Security Training that IPS provides includes:

Close Protection

Close Protection

Female only Close Protection

Close protection Short

Residence protection Officer

Celebrity & Media Protection Course

Counter TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures)

Protection Operations Management

London familiarisation course

Aviation Liaison Package


Protection Drivers

Protection Driver & Enhanced Chauffeur skills

Chauffeur Skills Award

Tactical Handling Course

Enhanced Escorted convoy Drivers Course

Protection Driver team manager


Counter Surveillance

Counter Surveillance & Reconnaissance detection

Behavioural Detection

Counter Threat detection Manager

Open Source Intelligence Detection


Surveillance & Investigations

Urban Surveillance operations

Mobile Surveillance operations

Motorbike Surveillance Support course

Surveillance Managers course

Investigations award


Maritime Support

Super yacht security Officer

Marso STCW10 (formerly STCW95)


Media Support

Media Security Adviser

Media Safety Briefing

High Threat Media Safety Package

Media Awareness in Public Order


Online Intelligence monitoring

Open Source Intelligence Reporting

Operations room Intelligence systems


Medical Support


Frec 3-5

D13 Police medic






Paediatric First Aid

First Aid for Drivers

Event Medical Support Officer


Management & Project Planning

Operational Project Planning and Logistics

Leadership Courses as per sector above


Event Support

Event Behavioural Detection

Counter Terrorism Awareness

Search Course for stewards

Search Team leader Course

Response + Incident Commanders Course


Household Staff Placement

Specific medical Awareness Courses

Driving assessment

One day Security Awareness driving


Also available are additional training courses in the following specialised subjects:

Firearms – weapon handling, make safe, tactics

Forward reconnaissance & route planning

Tactical assessment – advice – personal and static

Venue and forward party protection – event planning

Contingency planning – escape/evasion

Risk assessment

Protective security – planning and implementation

Counter-Terrorism planning

Penetration testing – internal investigation/mystery shopping/ test purchasing

First aid training

Internal affairs, vetting, anti-radicalisation

Hostile environment – anti-kidnap training