Out Of Gauge/Porter Service

Our porter services are always flexible to your needs and can include the following:

  • Carryout duties / services as per your requirements.
  • Check-in setup, signage, tensa barriers, weighing scales and carpets.
  • Stock replenishment, ensuring that stock is available in a timely manner.
  • Economy Out of Gauge movements and general control of all check-in areas.
  • Departure gate setup, signage, tensa barriers, weighing scales.
  • Hand baggage and baby stroller collection and transfer to ramp area for loading.
  • Assistance as requested by your gate agents / supervisors.
  • Arrival lounge assistance.
  • For the arrival flights, separate First & Business Class passenger’s baggage and place them at a designated location for fast and easy access of baggage by premium passengers.
  • Take control of all First & Business Class passengers’ baggage during check-in and place them on baggage belt to be tagged.
  • Out of gauge baggage despatched from appropriate baggage belt / area after tagging.
  • Carry out any other instructions / duty task given by the airline representative.
  • Team leader assigned for all shifts to oversee and to make sure that the daily operation is carried out smoothly.

Our porters wear smart uniforms to ensure that they reflect the image of the airline. If you prefer we can place our staff in your uniforms or ones of your choice.